Watershed and Biodiversity Program

Watersheds are vital spaces through which water flows, guaranteeing the territory’s biodiversity. They are a fundamental part of species conservation.

In Mexico, there is a great diversity of ecosystems and populations that depend on the water of watersheds: from coastal wetlands to forests and tropical forests to arid areas. These are key environments that support climate change adaptation.

These ecosystems coexist with a complex social environment that, together, generate urgent challenges that need to be addressed. In this sense, the Watershed and Biodiversity Program seeks to promote comprehensive attention to the current socio-environmental problems of watersheds in northwestern and western Mexico.

Thus, this program finances initiatives, manages and/or provides technical follow-up for adequate biodiversity management by incorporating good production practices and long-term ecosystem restoration efforts that ensure biodiversity conservation.

Current Proyects

Deforestation-Free Meat

A Production and Marketing Model in Jalisco.


Connecting Watershed Health to Sustainable Livestock and Agroforestry Production

The RIOS Project

River Restoration for Climate Change Adaptation.


Coexistence between communities and the jaguar under the impacts of COVID-19.

Provision of hydrological environmental services to Puerto Vallarta

Provision of hydrological environmental services to Puerto Vallarta through integrated watershed and aquifer management.

The Volcán de Fuego, Montaña de Agua Initiative

Improve water catchment and infiltration through activities aimed at protecting and restoring the region’s biodiversity.

Annual Operational Programs

Annual Operational Programs of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.

Amenazas y Sitios Prioritarios del Ostrero Americano

Monitoreo de ostreros americanos en tres lagunas costeras de Sinaloa.