Conservation and Sustainable Use of Resources

in Northwestern and Western Mexico

Who We Are

We are a civil association that channels resources, aligns efforts, and strengthens capacities for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in northwestern and western Mexico.

Our Purpose

FONNOR is a private environmental fund dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of resources in northwestern and western Mexico. We procure and channel financial resources, strengthen capacities, and implement projects in partnership and close collaboration with other stakeholders.

Our Future

In 2030 FONNOR contributes to the sustainability of northwestern and western Mexico, ensuring the conservation of biodiversity, the sustainable management of natural resources, the adaptation and mitigation of climate change, and the well-being of the population, working hand in hand with local communities, civil society, and decision-makers with the capacity to reverse the environmental deterioration.

What We Do

We work for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in northwestern and western Mexico through the following actions:

Manage resources

to support conservation efforts and rational use of natural resources.

Generate synergies with institutions

to promote natural resources conservation and rational use.

Channel resources and technical support

to civil associations to execute conservation projects.

Support for the basic operation

of natural protected areas.

Strengthen the capacities

of organized civil society.

Our Programs

Watersheds and Biodiversity

This program finances initiatives in northwestern and western Mexico’s watersheds to ensure the proper management of biodiversity by incorporating good production practices and long-term ecosystem restoration efforts through calls for proposals and projects.

Capacity Strengthening

We promote the strengthening and developing of skills, strategies, and structures of civil society organizations, government agencies, and partnerships dedicated to environmental issues. We believe empowerment is crucial to achieving medium- and long-term goals, as it can generate more resilient organizations.

Our Achievements

Organizations trained

People trained

Workshops given

Current and completed projects

Strengthened Annual Operational Programs


There are currently no open calls.

Stay tuned to our website and social media to learn about future calls.


Annual reports

Learn about the work we have done year after year.

Other publications

Manuals, catalogs, diagnoses, plans, and other documents of interest about our work.


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